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Limited Vision, 2010
Being affected by the housing market crash made me aware of how it has changed the American perception of capitalism and I became painfully aware of the clarity of hindsight and the strength of privileged information. This theme was explored through the architecture of World War II and Cold War concrete bunkers, watch towers, vaults and subterranean spaces. My sculptures suggest a state that is both permanent and obsolete. I played with the experience of space, engaging the viewer's curiosity to explore and discover the mental and psychological spaces created by the artworks. The work explored the tension of forced perspectives through narrow horizontal slits and small windows punctuating the walls of the sculptures. A bunker-like sculpture takes the form of an armor mask in human scale. A thirteen foot tower camouflaged in a digital vinyl wrap of trees and nature, articulated by a tiny entryway, plays with human scale and the imagination of what it would be like to be inside. Other sculptures allow the viewer limited access to interior stairways and passages - some employing interior lighting that guides the viewer's experience of the byzantine interior.